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            Design, simulate, and make anything with 3D product design and manufacturing software

            The collection integrates professional-grade CAD, CAM, and CAE technology. Get all the tools that work inside Inventor—including AutoCAD—at a competitive price. 

            Promo Data: FY20 Multi-Year Offer

            Collection includes

            If purchased separately


            Now includes AutoCAD toolsets for mechanical, electrical, and more




            Not sold separately


            Also includes factory layout, data management, and other design and manufacturing software.

            Get the entire collection for


            per year, single-user access
            (multi-user access also available)

            See how products in the collection work together

            • ?Quickly generate high-performing design alternatives

            • ?Generate toolpaths that stay in sync with your 3D model

            • ?Analyze nonlinear stress, dynamics, and heat transfer

            • ?Create multiple sheet nests and cutting paths for flat parts

            • ?Design, validate, and visualize 2D and 3D factory layouts

            • Inventor + Fusion 360 (video: 2:06 min.)

              Input your design goals into generative design software and explore possible permutations of a solution.

            • Inventor + Inventor CAM (video: 1:38 min.)

              Set up and generate toolpaths for machining operations that instantly update whenever the design is modified.

            • Inventor + Inventor Nastran (video: 1:50 min.)

              Perform advanced simulations to optimize part designs directly from your CAD interface.

            • Inventor + Inventor Nesting + Inventor CAM (video: 1:59 min.)

              Create nests and associated cutting paths that automatically update with any changes to your CAD model.

            • Generate 3D models of factory layouts created in AutoCAD. Use them to help you detect potential collisions and perform virtual walk-throughs of the proposed design.

            See Product Design & Manufacturing Collection in action


            Minimizing downtime with all the right tools

            If you've ever ordered a bottle of beer, it probably came off a conveyor that Can Lines Engineering designed. See how the company uses Autodesk product design software to prevent lost revenue.

            Why a collection?

            • Professional-grade design and manufacturing

              Design and make your products with the full collection of tools that work inside Inventor, including Inventor Nastran, Inventor CAM, Inventor Nesting, and more. You also get the full suite of specialized toolsets available with AutoCAD, along with new cloud-based technology with Fusion 360.

            • Easier software and license management

              Eliminate the headache of managing multiple product licenses. Get insights on product use. Easily download, install, and use as many products within the collection as you want, whenever you like.

            • Access the latest and previous releases

              Ensure software compatibility with all team members by accessing previous versions when you need them. Stay current with the latest releases. Deploy updates whenever you want.

            • Choose access for individuals or teams

              Choose between subscriptions that provide single-user access for an individual or give teams permission to share licenses with multi-user access.

            *Product available only as part of the collection. Value based on previous price of stand-alone product.